Aubicon - Mantas Acústicas e Pisos para Absorção de Impacto

Recognized in the market by producing innovative acoustic solutions and rubberized floors quality and impact absorbing developed from recycled tires, the Aubicon is present in 115 mls of academies SmartFit network.

The floor installed in the company’s units is the Impact Soft Free Weight in Starry Grey color and 16 mm thick.

Suitable for free weight areas in gyms and boxs crossfit, has a high density and high durability. Its distinctive format of 1 x 1 meter plate allows it to be supported only on the subfloor without glue. It also protects and reduces the impact of heavy equipment that are arranged on the floor.

What we seek?

“We always seek to market products and services that meet the high customer traffic in our units. Impact Soft Free Weight is framed perfectly within the needs of the SmartFit network drives, as it has ease of installation, durability, easy cleaning and contemporary look, “says Thiago Somera, Director of Infrastructure SmartFit Network.

The professional also comments on the factors that led him to use the product: “In addition to choosing a quality material, durable and low cost of operation, see the Aubicon as a supplier who cares to find the best solutions for their clients. And that makes me extremely happy and confident in letting the company take care of our operations.”

“And who is riding your business, be sure to know the products and solutions Aubicon. The company has a portfolio for the most varied applications, “said the Director of Infrastructure SmartFit Network .

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