Sound Soft Tubing

The Sound Soft Tubing acoustic mat is manufactured with residue of virgin EPDM rubber and recycled tire granules. Due to its rubbery character and high density, it ensures excellent acoustic performance, attenuating vibrations and air noise caused by the passage of water through the hydraulic system.

Aubicon - Mantas Acústicas e Pisos para Absorção de Impacto


Attenuates vibrations and airborne noise
Does not cause allergies. Non-toxic.
Humidity resistant
Specific buffers for the main types of syphoned boxes


    COMPOSITION: EPDM virgin rubber residue and recycled tire granules, binded with polyurethane
    THICKNESS: 2,6 and 3,6mm thickness and 10mm thinkcness buffers
    DENSITIES: 1150 Kg/m3
    MEETS VUP: Superior level (over 30 years)

    • Hydraulic tubes may be installed or not, according to the work schedule;
    • In case they are installed, remove temporarily the metallic system fixation support to apply the acoustic mat.
    • Tubing shall be measured and the cut shall be made with a stylet supported on compensate wood or a scissor.
    • Use plastic braces to fixate acoustic mat, without clearance.
    • After the application of mats and buffers, install the metallic fixation support.
    • Mends shall be made with overlaps.



The Sound Soft Tubing Acoustic mats meets the requirements both for equivalent noise and for maximum noise.


63 Hz29,1
125 Hz26,8
250 Hz28,6
500 Hz27,4
1 kHz21,6
2 kHz19,3
4 kHz12,5
8 kHz9,4
Leq,nT = 28 dB (A)
*MMC Lab – Report 042-01-ACU-2015-0001.

FrequencyLSmax…nT (dB)
63 Hz35,8
125 Hz32,6
250 Hz33,5
500 Hz33,2
1 kHz27,7
2 kHz23,6
4 kHz20,3
8 kHz9,4
LSmáx.,nT = 34 dB (A)
*MMC Lab – Report 042-01-ACU-2015-0001.