ImpactSoft 25

With an exclusive thickness in the Brazilian market, this floor is recommended for external areas with geometric paging.

Aubicon - Mantas Acústicas e Pisos para Absorção de Impacto


Exclusive thickness in the market
Ideal for geometric or monochromatic paging


    FORMAT: 1 m x 1 m plates com
    with a chamfer every 50 cm
    THICKNESS: 25 mm
    APPROX WEIGHT: up to 22,2 kg/m2
    TOLERANCE: ± 2 mm thickness and 1% de dimensional variation


    • Polyurethane glue – weather resistant
    • Lateral containment or leave finish around the level area
    • Flooring must be regularized with the proper water drainage
    • Apparent drainage system, verify the available drain part in Accessories



    A growing concern in the Brazilian market, safety in the use of Playgrounds has been debated. Since 2012, NBR 16071 has been put into effect, defining the factors that must be considered to choose a safer playground. These factors include impact absorbing surfaces.

    Impact Soft Ecologic Flooring fully meet NBR 16071 and have Critical Height tests for each product line.

    This test is made with an accelerometer simulating the fall impact on rubber floor and determining the maximum free fall height. Thus, the choice of the floor in a product must be made in accordance with the height of the utilized toy.